Sheboygan Co Fairest of the Fair and attendants did a
virtual presentation with "Addie" at the time of the Fair.

"Addie" the Cow is vacationing at Farm Wisconsin
Discovery Center and is waiting for boys and girls come to
visit and give her a gentle squeeze.

"Addie" loves the girls with the glitzy crowns at the
Sheboygan Co. Breakfast on the Farm.

Kids learn about the "9 Gifts of Milk"

Look at all those Chocolate Milk Muscles

During the years 2019 and 2020 "Addie" has not been on tour due to the loss of our driver and the COVID. She found a wonderful place to vacation, at Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center, while our country gets back to normal!!!!.. Stop by to give her a gentle squeeze. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact Marlene We are hoping that we will host our breakfast on the farm and be at the county fair in 2021.

“Addie” the Cow

"Addie" the Cow is a life size fiberglass milk cow that milks, moos and wears bells and flowers. She is truly a kid and camera magnet that has been experienced each year by thousands and thousands of kids of all ages. The Sheboygan County Dairy Promotion Association provides "Addie" with a comfortable home in which to travel around Sheboygan County and Eastern Wisconsin. The “Addie” Team and the very visual trailer join together to provide a fantastic promotional tool for all of the dedicated dairy farm families of Wisconsin.
A dairy ambassador is on hand to answer questions and provide information to visitors through the use of interactive activities and Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board resources.

If you are interested in obtaining information about "Addie" the Cow and her tour or booking
an appearance please contact our Sheboygan Co. Dairy Ambassador.

Marlene Kammann 920-565-2608

"Addie’s" 2019 Tour

Due to medical issues, Allen, our driver has retired after 10 years of being
our driver and team mechanic.  We miss him, but wish him well.  Barb, our 
our latest team member also retired to pursue other interests. 
Being invited to 20 events this year I am stuggling to find a new driver 
and additional helper.   We are finding that "Addie's Tour will be very short
this year.  Unless of course we find a new driver.
We continue to seek a driver that has a 3/4 ton truck, who wants to be a huge
part of the Addie team and promote the dairy industry.  Preferably living in or close to 
Sheboygan Co.  

The "Addie" the Cow Team has had a wonderful 10 years of sharing with our guests
our knowledge of the Dairy Industry through this family friendly interactive 
exhibit as we traveled through out Eastern Wisconsin.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in an "Addie" Visit  as we continue 
to seek out recontruction of the "Addie" Team.

Marlene Kammann
Dairy Ambassador


"Addie" travels in her 26 foot custom trailer which remains part of the display at each
promotional event.

"Addie" is certainly a kid magnet, a camera
magnet and a wonderful dairy
educational tool.
Addie the Cow
The "Addie" team meets guests from all over the world
Addie the Cow
At this station an Ambassador teaches kids and families about the 9 gifts of milk and how much sugar there is in sugary drinks .
Addie the Cow
"Addie" teaches 1000 students during the annual "Classroom on the Farm" event.


Addie 1
Addie 2
Addie 3

"Addie" the Cow and her Educational Display

The display includes many hand outs containing information about the dairy industry and nutrition.
Interactive quiz boards, trivia wheel kiosks, Packer standees along with "Addie" makes the display family friendly.

Addie 4
Addie 5
Addie 6
Addie 7
Addie 8
Addie 9